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圖來自其官網: http://www.emiratesairline.co.uk/

由Emirates airline出資架設的air bus於今年的六月開始營運.從Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Dock五分鐘 .橫跨泰晤士河,可看到O2  Arena . 出海口等..天氣好時不失一個旅遊的景點,oyster card 可直接使用(當然要先加值) 如果是travel card則會有些許的折扣..

如果您愛輕軌(類似到台北動物園的中運量電車)+ cable car( 類似貓空纜車) 來倫敦時天氣不錯.不妨一遊


This summer Emirates have bridged together another two cultures. Two cultures which have much in common, but in other ways couldn't be more different. They are North and South London.

Introducing the Emirates Air Line. Crossing the Thames to connect Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks in just five minutes from June 2012.

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