如果想要額外的床單及寢具請付錢.如果想上網路請付錢.如果想要room serives 請付錢.沒有電話.有任何問題請親自到樓下櫃台說






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  • 訪客
  • Our family 4 people (2 adult & 2 child under ages 16)

    how much money for each date

    arrival date & time , left time :
    01Sep12 05:25 am 05Sep12 before 12:00

    MTR is arrival your place or not if not, kindly provide the bus number or how much money by taxi

    how far fm your place to london airport, we will take a school bus in london airport on 05Sep12
  • Thank you for your enquiry we can accomadate you on the the dates you asked about .the cost is 120 per night including continental breakfast and wifi,we are a homestay we are approx 5/7 minutes from the nearest underground station and have many busses connecting to centeral london and most of the major train stations from our location, i can advise you on the cost of taxis etc from the airport if you can tell me which london airport you are arriving to. there are several, heathrow ,stansted, luton , and london city airport if you mean heathrow which terminal as there are 5 terminals.give me more information then we can give me a quo . give me the message to londonprincehomeHOTMAIL .com

    英國皇家倫敦民宿 於 2012/05/01 17:17 回覆

  • 訪客
  • Thanks for your prompt information

    We want to double confirm that the cost is 120 per night in GBP.
    Kindly advise the cheaper than your previously offer.

    Can you provide the cost for sleeping only.

    If in heathrow or london city airport, kindly provide the route on your place.

    From Hong Kong
  • Hello pamela,

    Yes the cost is 120 pounds per night , with or without continental breakfast , the easiest and most conveinant way to arrive at our home from either heathrow or city airport is by taxi the approx cost for pick up from heathrow is between 50 and 70 pounds depending on which terminal, the number of people and the number of cases, the cost from city airport is between 55 and 75, if you plan to arrive at city aiport i recommend you find accomadation in the east of london as this is much nearer to city airport.
    If you want to use public transport you can find out the costs and how to travel to our location by using TFL for london website journey planner our local tube station is queens park.

    yours k,prince

    英國皇家倫敦民宿 於 2012/05/03 02:11 回覆